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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to be broad, balanced and progressive, with pupils at the heart of the learning. We intend that each child’s journey is carefully mapped and monitored, starting from Early Years through to Year 6. New learning will build on prior knowledge, understanding and skills. In each lesson, our intent is that there is appropriate challenge for all.

Our curriculum is underpinned by our whole school aims: Equality, Active Learning, Compassion and Honour (EACH). The Active Learning element is integral to this. As a school, we embrace the Learning Power Approach (Guy Claxton and Becky Carlzon) in order to deliver our Active Learning.

“The goal of the LPA is to develop all students as confident and capable learners – ready, willing and able to choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot and evaluate learning for themselves, alone and with others, in school and out, for grades and for life.”

In order to achieve this, we look to develop and deliver a curriculum which creates “Botheredness” (Hywel Roberts) at its heart. We believe that children will truly engage in their learning when they are invested in it (bothered).