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Message from Mr Marsden

Dear Parents/Carers, 

I hope you are all well. Within this email is information, a video clip with a personal message, and a link for you to complete a questionnaire. I hope you find it useful - maybe something to digest once you recover from Sunday's football match...

Message from Mr Marsden:


Firstly, thank you so much for all your wonderful support over the past academic year. So much has already been said, but we are truly thankful for our school community, and look forward to working together as one team next academic year, and beyond.


One of our school aims is to be Active learners; people who are continually learning how to become better learners - both now and for the future. Over the next few years, we are committed to developing our curriculum and, importantly, the way in which we foster and enhance this learning process. 


Below is a form which I am keen for all parents/carers to complete. It asks for your thoughts/views on 3 aspects which will help us to shape our curriculum going forward. Thank you, in advance, for sharing this with us. 

Parent/Carer Questionnaire


We recognise the importance of children having a restful break this summer, however, because children's schooling has been so disrupted over the past 18 months, we would encourage them to engage with the year group specific set tasks.


We are considering partnering with a company which provides maths tutoring to all ages.

Initially, this is free of charge over the summer, so I am encouraging anyone who feels that their child would benefit from additional support to use this online tutoring service. I would be very grateful if you could give me feedback as to what you thought of the online tutoring, and how effective/user friendly it is, as we are considering using this to supplement our teaching for certain individual children and parents.  Details will follow in a separate email.


We have consulted with both staff and parents, and the vast majority of people prefer the staggered times of 8.30-3.00 (reception and KS1) and 8.45-3.15 (KS2). 

Therefore, we have decided to make this change from the beginning of the new term, and for the foreseeable future. (COVID dependent). Please note that the school day will begin/end 'on the bell', so please ensure children are ready to start at that time. Please also do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes before the bell, as this will help with congestion. 


Both staff and parents have preferred the wearing of PE kits to school on PE days and this is a change we have decided to keep.  You will find out which day(s) your child will be required to wear a kit early in the term.


We have, rightly, been much more lenient about the wearing of uniform over the past 18 months, however, we now are looking to 'tighten up', in order that there is consistency and we return to a sense of 'oneness' in terms of how children present. 

Therefore, I would encourage you to re-familiarise yourselves with our uniform policy prior to the return to school in the autumn. This includes: flat, black shoes  - trainers should only be worn on PE days. A further reminder that earrings must be removed by your child before PE (easier if they are not worn to school on these days).


We are keeping the class email system, so please continue to use this for correspondence and not return to passing on messages at the classroom door before or after school. 


Congratulations to Dina Tampin (re-elected), Leanne Hughes and Shaun Collins who will further strengthen our governing body. 


We are delighted to also announce that we are soon to be welcoming several community governors to our team. 


Once again, a huge thank you and goodbye to our staff leavers, most notably, Julie Williscroft, who retires after 25 years of wonderful service, making such a valuable and positive contribution towards the lives of so many people. She, along with Marie Saunders (First Aid/Pastoral Care super star), Rebecca Norman (hard-working and flexible, undertaking a number of roles such as Little Battlers key worker, teacher, musician, and more...) and Lynsey Grigg (un-sung 1:1 support). We honour them all. Thank you!

A special mention to our Year 6 leavers; you are a wonderful group of people, and we wish you best wishes and blessings for the future. We are so proud of you, and look forward to hearing wonderful things about you in the future - keep in touch!


As you know, Mrs Joan Parton passed away earlier this year, but she will always be so fondly remembered. As a school we have rightly honoured her by placing a bench in our school garden, and creating a new annual 'Joan Parton Award' which will be given to one child who has consistently displayed true Battling Brook spirit, and living out the school aims. Our first ever winner will be announced tomorrow! 


Thank you to everyone involved for helping us to raise around £2.5K! A special thanks also to Ibstock Building Company who provided the bricks for our garden. 


We are encouraged to hear that a number of restrictions are likely to be lifted, however, we know that this is always subject to change, and will keep you informed in the summer if/when any alterations to the functioning of the school are required. Certain hygiene measures will continue as well as some operational measures - we look forward to returning to 'normal', but will be doing so in an informed and measured way.


Wishing everyone an enjoyable and restful summer. Thank you once again for your support and we look forward to welcoming the children back on Wednesday August 25th at 8.30/8.45!

Best wishes

Stewart Marsden